Packaging tapes (Cloth) / Cloth adhesive tape 【粘着布テープ】

Packaging tapes (Cloth) / Cloth adhesive tape  【粘着布テープ】


【Size】10.1cm×10.1cm×3.8cm 4in×4in×1.5in
【Material】ポリエチレン 合織布 ゴム系粘着剤 Polyethylene Synthetic fiber cloth Rubber pressure sensitive adhesive
【Extened information】�@日本製�A梱包用�B手で簡単に切れる�C作業性良好�D重ね貼りが出来る�E文字が書ける 1 Product made in Japan. 2 For packing. 3 Can be cut easily by hand.4 Good workability. 5 Can be overlapped. 6 Can be written on the back surface.
【About Bulk Orders】A limit order is 24 pieces
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